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PPS Retirees Honored June 4

More than 40 Portland Public Schools employees have retired or will soon retire this school year. The retirees were honored by the Portland Board of Public Education and the district in a ceremony on Tuesday, June 4. Those recognized have served throughout the district and held a wide variety of roles in service of students and families. The 2023-2024 school year retirees include a school principal, teachers, educational technicians, administrative assistants and secretaries, nurses, transportation employees, custodians, a special education case manager, a community coordinator, Food Service members, and a counselor.

The retirees have collectively given more than 1,100 years of dedicated service to the Portland Public Schools.

“Thank you to all of our retirees,” Superintendent Ryan Scallon said. “This year’s diverse cohort is a great reflection of the amazing employees we have at the Portland Public Schools. No matter what your role, each one of you has contributed through the years to the success of our students. Through your hard work and dedication, you have truly made a difference. We are so grateful for your service and we’re honored to recognize you this evening. We wish you a well-earned and enjoyable retirement!”

The meeting featured a brief presentation about each retiree. Retirees also received a retirement gift from the district.

The retirees’ length of service ranges from seven years to 55 years. Most are retiring in June, but some retired earlier this school year and the retirement date for a few is set for this summer. The ceremony was an opportunity to formally recognize the retirees as a group. Watch the ceremony on YouTube.

Here is a list of 2023-2024 school year retirees. The retirees are listed alphabetically, with their most recent positions and total years of service:

●      Beausoleil, Denis: Bus driver, Transportation Department, 13 years

●      Becker, Selene: Teacher, Reiche Elementary School, 35 years

●      Bell, Rebecca: Nurse, Casco Bay High School, 14 years

●      Blayne, Kathryn: Teacher, Reiche Elementary School, 38 years

●      Braceras, Christine: Science Teacher, Portland High School, 36 years

●      Colello, Donna: Head Custodian, Lyseth Elementary School, 28 years

●      Conley , Darleen: Bus Assistant, Transportation Department, 38 years

●      Conley, Kathleen: Special Education Teacher, Longfellow Elementary School, 40 years

●      Crockett, Martha: Educational Technician, Lyseth Elementary School, 22 years

●      Daponte, Ileen: Math Teacher, Portland High School, 16 years

●      Drago, Cheri: Special Education Case Manager, Lincoln Middle School, 40 years

●      Dyer, Patricia: Executive Secretary, Special Services, Central Office, 28 years

●      Eberl, Julianne: Music Teacher, Lincoln Middle School, 24 years

●      Foley, Mary Ann: Teacher, Reiche Elementary School, 40 years

●      Forkapic, Ljubica: Educational Technician Librarian, Peaks Island Elementary School, 29 years

●      Hayward, Sheila: Teacher, Lyseth Elementary School, 37 years

●      Heald, Jo-Ann: Custodian, Lyman Moore Middle School, 25 years

●      Hesselink, Laura: Nurse, Ocean Avenue Elementary School, 26 years

●      Hewey, Kristina: Teacher, East End Elementary School, 30 years

●      Howe, Ruth: Educational Technician, Deering High School, 27 years

●      Jackson, Jennifer: Special Education Teacher, Lincoln Middle School, 15 years

●      Jewett, Kathleen: Educational Technician, Lyseth Elementary School, 25 years

●      Kennie, Reginald: Educational Technician, East End Community School, 29 years

●      Libby, Tammy Jean: Administrative Assistant, Lyman Moore Middle School, 16 years

●      Montello, Sylvie: Community Coordinator, Reiche Elementary School, 23 years

●      Mugar, Ellen: Teacher, Portland Adult Education, 35 years

●      Murray, Ann: ELL Teacher, Portland High School, 22 years

●      Nappi, Ann: Administrative Assistant, Longfellow Elementary School, 24 years

●      Perry, Mary Jane: Educational Technician, Longfellow Elementary School, 21 years

●      Pettengill, Chester: Custodian, Cliff Island School, 55 years

●      Pierce, Derek: Principal, Casco Bay High School, 19 years

●      Platt, Kirsten: Social Studies Teacher, Deering High School, 31 years

●      Prescott, Brian: Custodian Supervisor, Deering High School, 26 years

●      Richardson, Judith: Educational Technician, Deering High School, 19 years

●      Salisbury, Maureen: Counselor, King Middle School, 27 years

●      Salisbury, Susan: Teacher, East End Community School, 31 years

●      Sawtelle, Jayne: Music Teacher, Portland High School, 30 years

●      Shamos, Victoria: Food Service Cook, Portland High School, 28  years

●      Sprague, Patricia: Teacher, Ocean Avenue Elementary School, 11 years

●      Stanhope, Theresa: Cafeteria Worker Team Leader, Portland High School, 29 years

●      Sullivan, Susan: Administrative Assistant, Rowe Elementary School, 7 years

●      Tapley, Betty: Food Service Cook, Deering High School, 28 years

●      Tinkham, Philip: Driver, Transportation Department, 20 years