Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I don’t opt to pay the $40 for the Protection Plan, how much might I pay if there is damage to my student’s computer? 

A: Typical repair cost is $325.00Full MacAir replacement cost is $699.00. Actual repair cost is determined by Apple’s Authorized Repair Depot.

Q: What if my student loses their power adapter or case?

A:  The protection plan does not cover lost items.  They will need to be replaced at cost:

Power Adapter - $70.00

Brenthaven Black Case- $19.00

Q: What does the protection plan not include?

A: The protection plan does not cover lost items such as power adapters or cases or if the items are purposely defaced or destroyed.  The plan does include routine wear and tear of power adapters, cords, or cases.  As long as the student reports those issues promptly to a teacher or the MLTI Tech Lead.

Q:  How do I set up filters for my student at home?

A:  Portland Public Schools has a few resources for families on their website.  One to consider:  OpenDNS is a free web filtering solution for home use which applies to all devices in the household:  Also, check with your WIFI provider. Most provide software and options for your family’s to set up restrictions and/or filters.

Q: How do I limit my student’s time on their device at home? 

A:  The computer is school issued and for educational purposes only. Like other parenting discipline issues, these decisions are up to individual families and their personal choices on setting limits.  There is a resource to help families with these decisions: 

Q:  My student has forgotten their Apple ID & Password, what do I do?

A:  The student should first seek help at school.  In most cases, Apple ID and Password can be reset at school.