School Board Recognizes Lincoln Head Custodian Todd Schools

School Board Recognizes Lincoln Head Custodian Todd Schools
Posted on 03/01/2015
Todd Schools recognition

The Portland Board of Public Education honored two employees on Feb. 24 for their dedication to their jobs. Recognized were Todd Schools, a custodian at Lincoln Middle School; and Ruth Howe, an educational technician at Deering High School.

“Mr. Schools was hired after the school year had begun and stepped into the position at a time when the school was extremely short handed; the building had been closed for the summer and needed lots of attention,” said Jeanne Crocker, Director of School Management for the Portland Public Schools, at the School Board meeting.

“Todd went above and beyond in his duties then and continues to do so now. He is friendly, reliable, and maintains strong relationships with staff, students, families, and community organizations that use the building,” Crocker continued. “Todd always follows up with building issues and staff concerns in a timely and professional manner. When staff were surveyed in December, 97 percent of them reported that they feel comfortable approaching the custodial staff with questions, concerns, and/or needs, and 96 percent reported that the custodial staff are responsive to their questions, concerns, and/or needs.”

Crocker said the positive survey numbers are “a direct reflection of Todd's leadership and work with our custodial staff. He is a strong manager and treats all of the staff he supervises with respect and dignity. We thank Todd tonight for all of his hard work and commitment.”

Regarding Howe, Crocker said, “We are also happy to recognize Ruthie Howe from Deering High School. Ms. Howe has worked at Deering in the Functional Life Skills program for 18 years and has been an exceptional member of the classroom team.”

“She has been instrumental in developing and carrying out programming for students’ individualized needs and behaviors,” Crocker said. “She has shown a positive attitude, a willingness to learn and receive training, and has been willing and capable to work with every student, regardless of any difficulties that come along.”

Crocker said that Howe “demonstrates a high level of professionalism in her job. She is motivated and brings a great deal of positive energy to her work each day. She has strong working relationships with the other staff and exhibits very positive interactions with students. She is a valued member of the Deering and Portland Public Schools’ staff.  We would like to recognize her for her dedication to DHS and its Functional Life Skills students, staff and families.”