Parent Connection


All students will be given a Lincoln Middle School assignment notebook.  Specific school supplies depend on house placement and courses.  While families may be eager to purchase supplies, it makes sense to wait until school starts and student schedules are distributed.  Teachers will provide supply lists and review all needed supplies during the opening days of school and allow time for students to get their supplies.  If you are eager to take advantage of back-to-school sales, we encourage you to have plenty of pencils, at least one 3-ring binder, filler paper, and a pouch to carry your pencils in.  Students are not allowed to carry bags or back packs between classes, so locker organization is also important! 


Success in school starts with regular attendance, and learning is interrupted when students are absent for any reason.   Please contact us if your child will be late or absent from school by phone at 874-8145. Our Student Handbook includes specific information about excusable absences and truancy.


· It is strongly recommended that you drop-off and pick-up your child in front of the building on Stevens Avenue.  (Turning into the parking lot or driveway will likely result in being delayed by other vehicles.)

· Unless your child is meeting with a teacher before school, it is best to arrive as close to 7:40 as possible.

· Busses drop-off and pick-up students on Leland Street at the rear of the building.

         (Avoid Leland Street before and after school to avoid being delayed by stopped busses.)


Please make sure your child wears a helmet and has a sturdy lock if s/he rides a bike to school.  Students should walk their bikes while on school grounds and lock their bikes to one of the bike racks located at the rear of the building.


Portland School Board policy for transportation of students establishes the distance of greater than two (2) miles from home to school for middle school students eligible for bus service (exceptions include Sagamore Village and Forest Avenue to Lincoln).  Each student eligible to ride the bus according to the information above will receive a postcard with specific bus information in the mail in August.

Please note that we will have a late bus (approximately 3:35) to the Riverton and outer Brighton Ave/Sagamore areas on Mondays, Tuesdays Thursdays and Fridays.  There will be no late bus on Wednesdays.  Eligible bus students may ride the late bus only if they have stayed after school for a supervised activity (e.g. receiving extra help from a teacher, school activities, detention, etc.) and can board the late bus only with a pass written by the teacher or coach with whom they stayed after school.


When picking up your child please follow the steps below for a smooth process:

· Send your child to school with a note to be dismissed and ask him/her to bring it to the main office before school starts;

· Make sure you are listed on his/her emergency list

      (If you are not on the emergency list we cannot dismiss the child without written permission from the child’s legal guardian. We will also call the guardian to confirm the note.);

· Be prepared to show picture identification;

· It does take some time to get a student from class so please build that into your timeframe.


The responsibility for the dress and appearance rests with the individual student and the parent(s)/guardian(s).  This won’t be interfered with unless the choices being made pose health or safety risks or are disruptive to the learning process.  For health and safety reasons, students are required to wear shoes or other footgear while at school or participating in school-sponsored co-curricular activities, with the exception of activities that require students to be barefooted (e.g. swimming).

The Following are some, but not all, examples of clothing that could disrupt learning:

  • Clothing with statements/graphics that violate others’ civil rights.

  • Clothing that references illegal behavior such as violence, drugs, sex, alcohol or tobacco.

  • Clothing needs to cover the midriff and undergarments.

  • Specific dress/attire may be deemed appropriate for a school, co-curricular, or community events.  

  • Expectations will be shared and taught far in advance, so school personnel can support students to know and meet these expectations. 

  •  Students will not be excluded from participation in school activities and events.   

  • Students should keep in mind that the safe participation in some classes, such as Physical Education, requires appropriate dress.

 Students struggling to meet these expectations will be addressed individually and tactfully by an adult in the building.  When necessary, a parent will be called to provide alternative clothing for a child whose attire is deemed inappropriate.


For safety and hygiene reasons, students should dress in appropriate clothes for physical exercise.  The appropriate dress code for all students in personal fitness will be as follows:

· Jogging suit, yoga pants, sweat pants, or appropriate shorts (mid-thigh or longer);

· T-shirt or sweatshirt; and

· Sneakers (open toed shoes, such as sandals or flip-flops, and boots are not allowed).

Compliance with other standards described in the Student Handbook for dress code (see above) is also expected. 


Students are strongly discouraged from bringing electronic devices, such as cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, CD players, Game Boys, PlayStations, etc., to school.  All personal electronic devices must be turned off and out of sight, and may not be used in any manner that disrupts the educational process, is illegal, or violates Board policies and/or school rules.  Students who do not cooperate when asked to turn off and put away electronic devices risk disciplinary consequences, including confiscation of their electronic items.  Students are not allowed to possess laser pointers at school and they will be confiscated.  Additionally, we do not have the resources to find, repair or replace any item that is lost, stolen or damaged.  The best practice is to leave these items at home!


Students will be required to have a current school year  Portland Public School student ID card to receive the $1.00 bus fare.  These ID cards will be provided through the school picture photographer.  It is important that all students have their picture taken.  If students do not have a photo taken, they will not be eligible for a discount if/when they ride the METRO.  It is important to note that the bus fare will be $1.50 until the student has a school picture ID.  Students must have the exact fare of $1.50.  No change will be given.


Earn more cash for our school every time you shop for groceries.  Look for the Box Tops for Education label on products you buy.  Cut that label off and have your child bring the labels to the main office.  Every label is worth 10 cents.  That adds up very quickly!