House Information


Students will be assigned to an interdisciplinary team or “house” in 6th grade and stay together with the same group of teachers for the first two years of middle school.  This is intended to help students make better connections with students and staff by creating smaller learning communities within a larger school.  With our students’ input, one of our first assignments in 6th grade will be to name these newly forming houses. 

Bubble Mountain - 6th Grade

Blueberry Mountain -6th Grade

Kate Reagan - English Language Arts

Peter Cullen - English Language Arts

Julie Rosenberg - Math

Elizabeth Guillerault - Math

Andres Martinez - Social Studies

Alice Shea -Social Studies

Robin Lea - Science

Rob Lindsay - Science

Shelley Burek -Technology

Shelley Burek -Technology

Bethany Kirkpatrick - Music

Bethany Kirkpatrick-Music

Debbie Mazjanis-School Counselor

Peg Lane-School Counselor

Mooselookmeguntic - 7th Grade

Allagash - 7th Grade

Shayna Malyata - English Language Arts

Brenda Downs - English Language Arts

Mary Khula - Math

David Santoro - Math

Roland Houghton - Social Studies

Julie Shepherd - Social Studies

David Simpson - Science

Holly Backus - Science

Louis Lachapelle - Art

Louis Lachapelle - Art

Lex Lyon - Digital Literacy

Lex Lyon - Digital Literacy

Peg Lane - School Counselor

Debbie Mazjanis - School Counselor

Zion - 8th Grade

Olympic - 8th Grade

Jane Lombard - English Language Arts

Antona Briley - English Language Arts

Zack Brown - Math

Carol Hager - Math

Aynslie Hanna - Social Studies

Todd Day - Social Studies

Franklin Sames - Science

Christel Driscoll - Science

Rhonda Mayer - Family & Consumer Science

Rhonda Maye r- Family & Consumer Science

Thom Fournier - Engineering Technology

Thom Fournier - Engineering Technology

Peg Lane & Debbie Mazjanis - School Counselors

Peg Lane & Debbie Mazjanis -SchoolCounselors