Ms. Denise Preisser

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Welcome to Physical Education

This is a class that combines the knowledge and skills needed in physical education  to develop and maintain one’s personal fitness. The times have changed, technology has improved and the need to address childhood obesity and health care costs have also influenced the curriculum and instruction  in today’s schools.

At Lincoln Middle School in Portland, Maine the curriculum for physical education is a balance between modified team sports, individual sports, fitness knowledge and activities, and innovative games that are the rage of current times.   Each student is encouraged to do their personal best each day and lessons are taught to meet the needs and interests of all students. At Lincoln, all students have a 55 minute block for instruction every other day for 1/2 of the year.  The other half of the year will be Health Education. Students will need to come prepared for the lesson of the day.  All students are expected to meet the performance indicators as identified in the Maine Learning Results.

Physical Education Standards 

 Units of Study

 QUIA  Fitness Test Info

Google Classroom  Codes

PE 86        ctcev8z

PE 85        lvc53p1

PE 84        ic2tr80

PE 74        4lzyz4

PE 75        kumu2k

PE 76        8kj6t7

PE 77        9i6f9q

PE 65        aepbbfo

PE 66        661tks4

PE 67        2exrse